High Performance Glass

Choosing the correct glass specification for your home’s orientation is crucial as it can affect the temperature and energy efficiency of your room. Therefore, it’s important to consider the type of glass you choose.

Wendland roofing systems can be used with a variety of glass options which come in various specifications and colours.

What to consider when specifying glass


The U-Value measures the amount of internal heat loss, and a lower number indicates better insulation.

Light Transmission

Glass can allow only a certain amount of natural light to pass through, reducing its impact and providing increased comfort.

Solar Rejection

The level of solar energy that the glass unit reflects. Our glass options reflect about three times more solar energy than standard glass.

UV Protection/Rejection

By reducing the impact of harmful UV rays, our glass can provide greater protection for furniture and fabrics.


A coating uses the power of the sun to actively break down organic materials, which are then washed away by rainwater, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance requirements.


Glass is available in a range of colour options to match your design preferences.


How to choose the correct glass

North or East Facing

Locations facing north or east tend to be cool and shaded, with minimal direct sunlight. Glass with high light transmission and low solar rejection is a great choice as it will allow more light and heat to enter the room.

South or West Facing

South or west facing locations receive ample sunlight throughout the day, resulting in bright natural light. However, excessive heat can cause the room to become uncomfortably warm so choosing the right glazing is crucial to avoid this.

Choose glass which has low light transmission and high solar rejection properties, we can provide glass with a U-Value of just 1.0, three times more energy-efficient than standard glass units.

Glass Overview

Conservaglass is a high-performance glass that guarantees you receive the best value from your investment. It offers a wide range of colours to customise the appearance, with self-cleaning properties included as standard.

With several U-Value and solar rejection options, Conservaglass is the perfect glass to use in our roofing systems. All glass units are 4-16-4 toughened, argon gas filled and come with black warm edge spacer as standard.

Conservaglass Standard
With self cleaning coating technology, Conservaglass Standard is perfect where light transmission is received. Available in blue, neutral, aqua and bronze.

Conservaglass 4S
Offers up to 94% UV protection and 81% solar rejection as well as the self-cleaning properties. Available in blue, neutral, aqua, bronze and clear.

Ultimate Blue
Ultimate Blue intelligent glass reflects 80% of solar energy and will help reduce heat and solar glare in summer. Only available in blue.