Wendland Flat Skylight

Above us only sky.

Bring light into your extension or orangery with the Wendland Flat Skylight.

The unique, simple design features edge-to-edge glass with no visible bars – meaning that when you look up, all you see is glass and the sky above.

The Wendland Flat Skylight lends itself to either modern or heritage projects as it is so simple in design and sits equally well in a modern flat roof extension or a more traditional orangery.

Wendland Flat Skylights don’t just look great, they are also very advanced in terms of their thermal performance, meaning that they will help to ensure a warm and cosy room below.

The U-Value of the flat skylight is just 1.2 and helps to avoid condensation, something that is very important in rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms where heat levels can change quickly.

Noise reduction has been built into the design of the Wendland Flat Skylight and can reduce sound by up to 34dB ensuring your room is peaceful and quiet.

Choose from clear or blue performance glass – both options are highly energy efficient to help retain heat in the room below.

Key Features

Edge-to-edge glass

Click-fit installation

Noise reducing glass

10 year guarantee

Ideal for flat roof extensions or orangeries

U-Value of only 1.2